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Added Value

No structuring cost arbitrage

Our aim is to reduce the structuring cost of the Islamic finance Shariah-compliant products. This is why we have endeavoured to combine the services of the Shariah Scholars, with the services of the legal advisors and the corporate experts.

Members of the Shariah Supervisory Board form part of our management, thus reducing valuable time and cost and bringing a great wealth of information.

We understand conventional finance

Not only we have Islamic finance, Shariah knowledge but also we understand conventional finance and Members of our team has been advising on the conventional products.

We understand those financial or legal arbitrages are serious handicap towards developing a successful Islamic finance product. 

This is why we strive towards providing Islamic banking and finance products which have the same level playing field when compared to conventional finance.

We understand Shariah and Islamic finance

We advise on Shariah without comprising our beliefs. Shariah, as a body of law, is flexible and can accommodate most of the financial and legal concepts in our modern world.

We understand the documentation

We know how to use, combine and deliver the tailor made Shariah-compliant products in compliance with the civil laws, common laws, Malaysian laws and the laws of the Arabic countries particularily the laws of of the GCC. Our legal advisers have practical experience in advising on these laws.

One Stop Solution

We provide a 3 in 1 services combination:

  • Islamic finance advisory
  • Corporate & Legal advisory
  • Shariah assurance and auditing

In addition we provide a tailored shariah engineering to your specific needs.

We act as Catalyst

Acting as a medium between the Scholars and the institutions, and its legal and financial advisors for the purpose of obtaining a Fatwa from the Scholars on timely basis

Multilingual advisory

Our team is able to provide advices in the following languages:

  • English
  • French 
  • Arabic
  • Bahasa - Malaysia

Flexibility and Availability

Shariah Solutions teams understand the business needs of institutions and their Scholars are always reachable.

Professionalism and market knowledge

Shariah Solutions team bring London professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the financial markets with the Shariah knowledge of the Scholars.